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Some recent comments from our satisfied clients

Brooks has been an excellent competition coach fo rme. His dedication to my success matched my devotion to his program which quickly earned my NPC Jr. Nat. qualification and ultimately, my IFPA pro card.

Liz D.

I can’t say enough about this facility. Great trainers, love the atmosphereand the people who get trained there are amazing as well. Very supportive, honest, and motivating. Exactly what you’re looking for if you want to be the best version of yourself. Looking forward for my first competition.

Lisa C.

Brooks has been a mentor of mine for many many years, helping me in training and life. The best for anyone who wants to be their best, seriously.

Alex D.

Thank you for letting me be apart of ur gym. Everyone is very nice and very friendly.

Nong O.

Love this place! Adam is very knowledgeable and has gotten me where’re I’ve never been before. Thank you so much!

Kim V.

Love this gym. Owner/coach/trainer Brooks is the best in the business. This gym is about a 45 minute drive but so worth it.

Dana T.

Never a dull moment! Brooks is super smart, answers every question, and pushes you to see your potential! So happy I found this place.

Andrea J.

I never had any personal training before I came to Bfitness and I was very nervous! All the trainers are incredibly nice and knowledgeable. Brooks Robertson has helped me succeed at my fitness goals and will continue to do so, but it’s the collaboration the trainers and Bfitness clients/teammates that make you feel like you’re part of a fit family – very motivational.

Lizabelle D.

Perfect gym for training! Results threw all types of exercising and nutrition, based on your genetic makeup. Let’s go!

David D.