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NPTI Certified Personal Trainer since 2006

Prep Coach

Individual and Small Group Training

Works with everyone from Special Needs, Kids, Sport Specific and Physique Competitors. Creates custom workout and nutrition programs to maximize your physical goals. Provides direction and cues so that you can accurately target and recruit specific muscle groups when performing certain movements. Enjoys educating individuals so they have a better understanding of biomechanics. This will prevent injuries and create the look you desire.

Competed in 5 bodybuilding shows:

  • 2010 NABBA Great Lakes Open 3rd in Light Heavyweights
  • 2011 NPC Fox Cities Showdown 1st in Super Heavyweights
  • 2011 NABBA Chicagoland Classic 2nd in Heavyweights
  • 2011 NABBA USA Illinois Cup 3rd in Super Heavyweights
  • 2012 NPC Mid-Illinois 1st in Super Heavyweights
  • 2013 NPC Midwest Ironman 3rd in Super Heavyweights
Tommy Busch